Rainy, cold, yucky day calls for forts. There is a lot of backstory behind this image. On days where we don't get out much because of weather or sickness or whatever are hard on Lucy and Annie. Lucy is an introvert. She likes alone time, personal space and quiet play with herself. Annie is the EXACT opposite. She's terrified of being alone, doesn't know what personal space is and likes rambunctious play. When Lucy retreats to her room, it is torture for Annie. Annie gets her feelings hurt that Lucy doesn't want to play with her because she can't understand why anyone would want to be alone. Annie cannot leave her alone. The result of her feelings getting hurt isn't sadness. It's extreme anger that is very hard to get control of and turn around. So all weekend I've been a referee. It's exhausting. But when I finally broke through to Annie that Frankie and I wanted to play with her, we made some progress. So we built a fort and Frankie was a good sport. Because she doesn't argue with Annie about the fort rules or how it's set up or anything else. And Annie likes that because she's so used to being bossed around by Lucy she feels important when she is the boss. Sometimes having a sister or two is hard. But hopefully they realize that it's awesome, too.

And little bit got forced to have a little fashion show with me because this outfit was raffled off and raised $565 for the Catalyst Foundation - which does humanitarian work in Vietnam.