I want to make sure to point out something in this post. While I try and choose the images that we will all fondly look back upon one day in the future, life is far from always so beautiful and happy around here. For instance today, Annie is in fact pretending she's a flying fairy and having the time of her life at that exact moment. But leading up to this moment and the time after were far from so fun. My Annie has a very hard time moving from one thing to another. So getting her ready for dance on Mondays is almost always a disaster. She will boldly and loudly and harshly tell me she doesn't want to go to dance and that she won't get dressed for dance. She will throw a fit and cry and say she doesn't like me as I talk her through getting ready anyway. And then once she's dressed, she remembers she thinks she can fly in her skirt and want to show me 100 times. And at that time she couldn't be happier. But the moment I say we have to get our shoes and coat on to drive to dance things turn immediately. The screaming, the saying awful things, the stomping, etc is right back. And then we arrive at dance and she remembers how much she actually loves dance and she skips in without so much as thinking twice about what just happened. That is real life. That is what this afternoon actually looked like around here. But I choose to share the moments that she's happy. Because I love those moments and I never want to forget them. She's a complicated one, my Annie. Her emotions are huge and she's the happiest of happy or the maddest of mads. There is very little middle ground. But I love her just the same because life around here would be awfully boring without her.