Yesterday was the day Lucy moved into her own room. Lucy and Annie have shared a room since they were 2 and 3 years old. I knew Lucy was going to be ready soon and a few months ago she started mentioning wanting her own room. Annie was NOT fond of this idea at all. Annie is an extremely fearful child. She has irrational fears of just about anything you can think of. People dressed up in costumes where their face is covered will send her into a panic attack. Literally. She does not want to be alone. Ever. But Lucy kept asking so we told her we would work on moving her over Christmas break. We have been preparing Annie for this transition for a long time. We have really built up how fun and cool it will be to have her own space. She kind of bought into it but when bedtime rolled around the anxiety was building. But we did a special bedtime routine just for her where each of us went in and laid with her for a while and prayed with her and sang songs with her. And you know what, we only had a few minor things come up and she did SO WELL! And she slept until 9 am!! This is a big deal for her and I'm so proud. And then today even Lucy wanted to play in Annie's room and you can see on Annie's face the pure happiness because the one thing that makes her most happy is Lucy playing with her. I laid down on the floor to get this because I really didn't want them to notice me.