This has been one of the best weekends we have had in a very long time.  Everyone was in great moods, played well with one another, and the weather was amazing.  We spent almost the entire weekend outside, unplugged from crap.  I had a session yesterday that was great!  We made it to early church today, which never happens, so we had the entire afternoon to enjoy.  Annie earned her 10th check mark which earned her a toy of her choice.  This is a BIG DEAL!  She earned a check mark for each night that she went to bed peacefully in her new room.  It took almost an entire month to earn 10 but it seems we have turned the corner and we are all thrilled!  We hung out with friends and ended the daylight at White Rock Lake where we fed the seagulls an entire bag of stale chips.  And we managed to gather quite a few birds!  I think they get hungry during the winter.  Dean manned the camera for a few shots so I could be in a couple with Frankie.  Lucy and Annie weren't interested in that and I have vowed not to make this project annoying to them so I didn't push it for even a moment.  I feel so ready for this next week after such a lovely weekend.  Bring it on Monday.  I'm ready for you!