One of my children is quite literally jumping for joy over having her own room. We need to do a lot to it but all she cares about is the fact that it's hers.  Lucy got her Legos set up on shelves exactly the way she wants them.  She got a new desk where she can sit and do her homework and create art in complete silence. Her sister does not feel so happy about this change and today has been a real struggle with her over that fact. It's going to take some time for Annie to really adjust to this. I knew our one good night the other night did not mean we were in the clear. Hoping tonight and tomorrow are a little smoother.  I am thrilled to see Lucy so happy but it breaks my heart a little to see how sad it makes Annie.  I know one day she will be incredibly thankful to have her own room, but it is going to be a difficult work in progress around here to get to that point.