Yesterday's sermon was one that slapped both Dean and I right in the face. The challenge was to change your day only in the first 15 minutes that you're awake and to watch the impact it had on the rest of your day. We are both 100% guilty of the following: alarm goes off on your iPhone. Pick it up and start reading emails and checking social media. Immediately. We do this. Everyday. And the challenge is to wake up, get out of bed, and spend 15 minutes intentionally being still and focused. They didn't even say we had to do it praying or through scripture so that anyone could be involved. But it was suggested that praying and reading scripture would be a great thing to do if so inclined, which I am. We were even given a reading calendar and I hope to stick to it. Dean and I plan on getting up together at 6:30 so that no kids are up yet. Having a cup of coffee and doing this together. I truly believe that this will change the course of many of our days that start with us jumping out of bed because kids are up and rushing them to get ready for school. We will be awake. We will have spent time with Jesus. We will be more focused. And this house could stand to have all of our days start off a little smoother. How could you change the first 15 minutes of your day that would create a positive affect on your house? Because I know what I was doing had no sort of positive impact at all.