Here is my perfect little 5 month old baby. As I reflect back on the past month, I'm overwhelmed by how much she has changed and what all happened. She now rolls everywhere to get where she wants. She plays with toys and explores everything she can get her hands on by putting it in her mouth. She interacts with her sisters so much more. She smiles every time she and I make eye contact. She can scoot around and even get in the crawling position when she wants to but she obviously isn't crawling anywhere! She takes long naps instead of a million cat naps. She discovered a high pitch shrill she can make and she REALLY loves that sound. She celebrated her first Christmas. She battled her first cold and cough without ever being fussy or sad about it. She continued growing right before our eyes. It's been an amazing month. As we approach her half birthday, I can't help but think about what that means. I have one more month of being her sole source of nutrition. I can't wait to watch her get to try food and @deanxu cannot wait to take the reigns of making her homemade baby food. (He's the chef around here and he really is crazy excited about this!). But it's bittersweet for me because those first months will have flown by. And there is something so miraculous to me about being able to provide all of the nourishment she ever needed to make her our chunky monkey up to this point. So I will cherish the times I'm nursing her even more during month 5. She has so many precious little quirks that I never want to forget. Like how she has her hand over her eye as she drifts off to sleep. She loves to have her eyes covered when going to sleep. If she is having a hard time getting settled when I'm rocking her, I can put the corner of her blanket on her eyes and she almost immediately calms and falls asleep. If she can't get her blanket on her eyes, she will put her hand over them. Sweet angel baby, we all love you so very much. Happy 5 months Frankie Mei.

The big girls got their report cards today and both of them did SOOOOO well.  I am especially proud of my Annie!  We celebrated with a delicious cup of hot chocolate!!  :)