Lucy. My beautiful Lucy. Why must you seem so grown up these days?  Lucy is my original muse.  She will probably always be my favorite subject to photograph.  She has a natural beauty that is so easy to capture.  She is the entire reason that I learned to take real photographs where I was completely in control of everything - the light, the focus, the depth of field, etc.  I used to take pictures with a point and shoot.  But was quickly able to realize that I needed to learn photography because her beauty and grace deserved to be better captured than I could with that silly point and shoot camera.  So I learned photography.  I practiced on her all of the time.  And with that, my life changing business was born.  I owe her a lot.  :)  Lucy and Frankie have such a darling relationship with one another.  Lucy is so gentle and motherly to her.  When we are around other people I can tell that she likes to show everyone just how well she can care for her baby sister.  It warms my heart.

And one of the most precious moments I've ever witnessed at our Friday night movie night.