This has been one of the best weekends we have had in a very long time.  Everyone was in great moods, played well with one another, and the weather was amazing.  We spent almost the entire weekend outside, unplugged from crap.  I had a session yesterday that was great!  We made it to early church today, which never happens, so we had the entire afternoon to enjoy.  Annie earned her 10th check mark which earned her a toy of her choice.  This is a BIG DEAL!  She earned a check mark for each night that she went to bed peacefully in her new room.  It took almost an entire month to earn 10 but it seems we have turned the corner and we are all thrilled!  We hung out with friends and ended the daylight at White Rock Lake where we fed the seagulls an entire bag of stale chips.  And we managed to gather quite a few birds!  I think they get hungry during the winter.  Dean manned the camera for a few shots so I could be in a couple with Frankie.  Lucy and Annie weren't interested in that and I have vowed not to make this project annoying to them so I didn't push it for even a moment.  I feel so ready for this next week after such a lovely weekend.  Bring it on Monday.  I'm ready for you!


It's a gorgeous day in Dallas and my kids are making the most of it. Lucy and Annie have most of their stuffed animals on the trampoline and are playing a very intricate and imaginative game where they get thrown overboard (up and over the safety net) and then rescued with a long rope (Lucy throws it over the net and Annie ties it to the animal and Lucy drags it back up and over). It's super cute and there truly isn't anything that makes me happier than those two playing and having a grand time together. They are like oil and water and drive each other bonkers most of the time. But some days they are able to forget they're so different and just have fun. This is one of those days. And my heart is full of joy over it.


Breakfast at our favorite old school, family run Dallas diner. We love it at John's Cafe. It makes me so happy that I had my camera with me. I'm so thankful for all of the memories captured so far for this year. I really haven't allowed the picture a day thing to bog me down. I've started having my camera near me all of the time again. I would have NEVER taken my real camera to breakfast. I feel weird just having it out in public when lots of people are around. So I'm proud of myself for just getting it out at all. I still wasn't brave enough just yet to get the actual shot I wanted, but I'm getting there. And I love what I did get so again, it's exciting to want to take photos like this again instead of just focusing on client work.


I knew our 65-70 degree sunny days of January were numbered and today we are back to cold and dreary.  I've always loved how being outdoors is a natural mood lifter for kids, even newborn babies.  Today we had to enjoy the outside from inside our warm, dry living room.  Not nearly as fun but Frankie didn't seem to mind all that much.  As I looked through the photographs from today I was struck by just how big my baby is already getting.  Look at her.  Up on her knees in that chair staring out the window.  Babbling as she sees thing.  She pulled herself to her feet numerous times.  I kept putting her back down in fear she would tumble right over the edge.  My mom and I were just discussing this past weekend how she is at our favorite baby size.  So squishy.  So snuggly.  So happy.  Anything will make her smile.  She rarely fusses.  She still wants to be close to me as often as possible but she wants to explore, too.  She started getting on her hands and knees in the crawling position this week.  Every day she spends more time in that position and today she started rocking, the precursor to crawling.  I just want her to slow down.  She doesn't need to get anywhere that badly yet.  Just let me be your full time mode of transportation for a wee bit longer.  I remember when I thought she would never come out at the end of pregnancy and here we are 5.5 months in already.  I can truly say I am enjoying every moment with this baby.  My big girls taught me to never take this time for granted, even when I am dog tired, because somehow they are already 6 and 8.  But even with truly cherishing her babyhood, I need her to slow down.  Because it is happening much to fast for my liking.


Some happy little girl lost a front tooth last night and got a visit from the tooth fairy!  This tooth has been hanging on by a thread for a couple of weeks now and Annie wouldn't let any of us near it.  I tricked her a bit last night in the bathtub and of course it was out in a split second because again, it's been ready for weeks!  Needless to say, now that it's out, she is quite pleased and she couldn't wait to get to school this morning to show her friends and teacher!